Blue Grotto is located in  Croatia

The Blue cave is located in the small bay of Balun on the island of BiĊĦevo.

It is 24 m long, 10-12 meters wide, 15 inches tall and 16 m deep. The entrance to the cave is about 1.5 m high and about 2.5 m wide with a long sea corridor.

The cave has two openings, one smaller, one artificially deepened, through which the boat can pass. The other opening is like a vault and much wider, on the south side of the cave, below the sea level. The underwater canopy through the cave floods the sunlight, which, passing through the water, first disappears, and then falls from the bottom of the cave, filling the entire cave with a silver-blue resin.

Submitted by Petro Podrezo. More information about this location can be found here.

Coordinates at 42.980213,16.021963