Cappadocia is located in  Turkey

In a spectacular landscape, entirely sculpted by erosion, the Göreme valley and its surroundings contain rock-hewn sanctuaries that provide unique evidence of Byzantine art in the post-Iconoclastic period. The density of its rock-hewn dwellings, churches, troglodyte villages and subterranean cities within the rock formations make it one of the world’s most striking and largest cave-dwelling complexes. Though interesting from a geological and ethnological point of view, the incomparable beauty of the decor of the Christian sanctuaries makes Cappadocia one of the leading examples of the post-iconoclastic Byzantine art period, some dating back to the 4th century. Residents live in homes that are carved into the landscape. Cappadocia has a unique landscape that you will have never witnessed before in your lifetime. This makes it one of the most popular spots in the world to go up in a Hot Air Balloon.

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Coordinates at 38.645974,34.842431600000054